How does a water fountain work?

water fountainWater Fountains are becoming more popular as a feature in Texas outdoor landscaping. Water fountains are a great way to incorporate art in your outdoor living area. Aside from the enhanced visual appearance that they add to your outdoors, water features can be a source of relaxation and add financial value to your home. This article focuses on how these amazing features of nature work.

Since there are endless creative ways to incorporate a water fountain in your outdoor living area, you will find water fountains to different designs, shapes and sizes. However, most water fountains have these important parts.

  • A Water Source
  • A water Pump
  • Delivery Channels

Water Source

The water source, often referred to as the water reservoir, is hidden most of the time. This is where the water is drawn and where water returns, forming a cycle. It’s there to keep the water bill down and save you some guilt. There are multiple types, sizes and shapes of reservoirs depending on the needs of the homeowners.

On some occasions, you will find water fountains to be part of a pond. In this case, the pond is the reservoir.

The Water Pump

The water pump is submerged in the reservoir and this is what pushes the water out of the reservoir. Therefore, the pump used in a water fountain is chosen based on the amount of water pumped per hour. The pressure and speed determines the optimal flow of the fountain and helps achieve the needed visual effect.

Delivery Channels

As the water leaves the reservoir, it is forced by the pump into the delivery channels, often called fountain heads. Most of the fountain heads have a small diameter to increase the distance sprayed. The diameter of the fountain and the number of nozzles used are another factor to the dynamic spraying, splashing, arching effects.

Fun fact:

You will notice that on most residential properties, the water fountains are always placed near a bathroom.

This is because it’s the location where a large water source has already been established. When the water fountains are built as an addition to an existing building, to lower the cost of plumbing, the water fountains are placed near a kitchen or bathroom to use a water source that’s already in place.

Caring for a water fountain:

Water fountains are easy to maintain once you understand how they work. Since most of fountain heads are made with fine nozzles, you might need to utilize a water filter so that they don’t get clogged.

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