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Flag stone patioA flagstone patio can be a great way to add personality to your outdoor space.  Flagstone is found throughout Texas, and will work well as the primary floor space for your outdoor patio, or walkway surrounding your in-ground pool.  It is a sedimentary stone that gets split into layers allowing it to be used many different ways.  The basic structure of flagstone is a sandstone that contains quartz and feldspar.  Flagstone is held together naturally by silica, iron oxide or calcium.  Flagstone’s predominant colors are determined by where its formed, and what its primary binding materials are.

Why Choose a Flagstone Patio?

It has a naturally non-slip surface, so building your flagstone patio or poolside walkway is a great choice.  It typically contains flakes of mica, so when it catches the sunlight the stone will often shimmer and glitter.  People find flagstone patios appealing because the stones themselves are often cut with irregular shapes and sizes, and are put together like a puzzle.  Every flagstone patio that we build is essentially unique.  The reason for this is because the stones we build it with are always different shapes and are placed in random order.  We can also use flagstone in other applications like built-in seating, outdoor kitchen enclosures, planters and retaining walls.

Another alternative to a flagstone patio is stained or stamped concrete patios.  Such a patio allows us to create unique shapes prior to the concrete hardening.  The sections can be textured to provide the non-slip surface similar to the flagstone.  One thing to keep in mind is that a flagstone patio creates a solid surface.  It may replace a permeable surface where drainage wasn’t an issue.  We’ll review how this hard surface will change the drainage profile for your yard, and plan accordingly to avoid any unexpected complications during storm season!   We’re happy to review the options with you as we plan the design based on the budget and options you choose.

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A flagstone patio is a great way to add personality to your outdoor space as every installation is unique! It's naturally non-slip surface is ideal for poolside walkways.