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Backyard pondWater is one of the most amazing elements found on earth. With its soothing sounds and movement, a feature like this is sure to create an enticing setting everyone will enjoy.  As you consider the gallery below, you can begin to see the variety of applications for water features.  At Ideal Landscape Services, we can install small, pots as an element of your landscaping, or incorporate new features like having a fountain in your hot tub!

Keeping the water running in features like this is critically important to discourage mosquito development.  Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquito larvae, so keeping your water features moving prevents this from happening.  With the low-voltage equipment we use for this purpose, you’ll find a very minimal impact on your electric bill.

Water Features Of All Types

We have a variety of partners we work with so that we have many options to choose from depending on your taste and budget.  Some of the more elaborate water features we’ve created have used individual stones.  These create a setting that’s uniquely yours, as no one else would have the exact same configuration and stones used to create the water effect.  An installation like this creates a unique sound because water would be falling from multiple locations at once.  Rather than a constant, steady stream, you’d have a intermittent sound as the water moves a different way each time.  We can design an installation that’s as unique as your property.  If your landscaped area is predominantly flat, then we can build up a section for the water to flow down.  Yards that have raised areas allow us to incorporate that element into the design.

If you’re limited on space, have no fear, because there are many container-type water features.  This enables anyone with the desire to hear running water as they relax and enjoy the outdoors in their personal oasis.

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Water features can enhance your landscaping, bringing soothing sounds to your visually interesting landscape.