Landscape Maintenance

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Stress-free and beautiful, professional landscape maintenance will retain the value of your investment.  Such on-going maintenance will ultimately increase the value of your property.  As you consider who’s maintaining the look of the grounds around your home of office, bear in mind that there’s a big difference been a “lawn maintenance” company and professional landscape maintenance.  Our crews are trained to maintain the look of the superior landscape around your home.  Most of all, we employ industry best practices to ensure its looking its best.

The goal is to keep the living plants healthy, vibrant, clean, attractive and safe.  We even pay special attention to the non-living elements to your outdoor landscape to ensure that any loose trim, bricks, etc are addressed.  Our team understands that you made a significant investment in creating your outdoor oasis.  We want it to look its best in every season.  We’ll work with you to establish an appropriate schedule for regular maintenance.  Additionally, we’ll also make recommendations for things outside of our normal maintenance like pest control, irrigation and lighting changes.  We may be able to spot warning signs of trouble before a significant loss occurs and want to keep you apprised of any potential problems.

The photos below include a variety of settings that we’ve had the privilege to install and continue to maintain.  This process requires traditional lawn cutting and trimming, and also involves a more in depth approach to remove unwanted weeds.  It’s also important to trim trees and bushes so that continue to grow in a healthy way that’s consistent with the vision you have for your landscaping.

Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Please note the commercial installations below.  Regular professional maintenance also requires keeping relevant menus and signage accessible to customers.  They need to be able to see what’s available to place an order!  If the exterior isn’t well maintained, then that will certainly make them question how the interior is maintained, and what kind of care is taken in preparing their meals.

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