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Custom pergola and arbors are a great way to add an interesting feature to your outdoor living space.  Being made of cedar or aluminum, they provide a great way to add shade to your backyard in our hot Texas summers!  Cedar is the most popular pergola construction materials for a number of reasons:

Cedar Pergola and Arbors

  1. Weather resistant – Cedar stands up well in North Texas weather.  It can stand up to the really wet weather in spring and fall, and handle the hot sun in the summer time.  Cedar is famous for it’s ability to deal with a variety of weather, which is why it’s so popular for constructing outdoor furniture.
  2. Mildew resistant – Cedar pergolas are naturally mildew resistant.  It will be unnecessary to apply chemicals to prevent mildewing, which means that using cedar is also an environmentally friendly choice.
  3. Warp resistance – This is a critical feature, because a pergola doesn’t generally have a protected roof, so the wood must be able to withstand the heat and rain we get.  Since Cedar doesn’t warp, it’s a great product to use outside and will stand strong and tall for many years giving your outdoor living space a great feature, and one that you can enhance with climbing greenery for additional shade and beauty.
  4. Pest resistance – Cedar is naturally pest resistant because bugs don’t like it!  This is why it’s a popular choice to line closets and drawers to store clothes.
  5. Environmentally Friendly – Because there’s no need to use chemicals to treat and protect the wood, it makes it a safer choice when pets or children are around.  It’s also preferred for organic gardeners who want to make sure that their plants don’t come into contact with any unwanted chemicals.
  6. Superior performance – Cedar provides the best balance of quality and value, which is why we recommend cedar above any other type of wood when designing or building pergolas.

We’ve included a number of images below in a slideshow to show you examples of our work.


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