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Integrating hardscapes construction into your outdoor living landscaping design has become a vital point of beautification, evoking a sense of natural harmony and balance.  At Ideal Landscape Design, we take note of your dreams, desires, and even limitations.  You may want a design that is relatively low-maintenance, or one that includes a water feature, or perhaps a new outdoor kitchen.  Our goal is to help make your dreams come true!

And if you happen to be one of those people that doesn’t really know what you want, we can help. We will take the time to talk you through a variety of options and get your feedback on things you like, and things you don’t like.  We’ll go through pictures of jobs we’ve completed in the past, and this will help to spark the conversation.  We’ll take your input, then come back with a design that we think meets your needs, and works well in the available space.

We can implement practically any exterior feature including:

Outdoor Living – Picture Gallery

As you look through the gallery below, start thinking about the pros and cons of different elements.  Perhaps some elements are too plain or simple. Other elements may look busy or confusing.  When designing your outdoor living space, the key thing to remembers is that it’s YOURS.  An installation that looks simple to you, may be everything that another person wanted.  In the gallery below, please make note of the flagstone patio.  We bring in various size pieces of stone, and create a design that is unique for the available space.  It becomes YOUR patio and no one else’s is like it.

An outdoor kitchen is a great piece to have next to the pool.  Maybe the kids are still busy having fun, but the adults are ready to get dry, and share some adult beverages.  The example kitchen below includes a cooking area, lots of shade, and a ceiling fan to help keep you cool on those hot Texas afternoons.  We enjoy a challenge, so call us today and make our designer go crazy!

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When it comes to fully enjoying your home, designing your outdoor living space is an important step. We use your imagination and help make your dreams come true!