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Ideal Landscape Services brings great landscape design ideas to the homeowners or business owners to help get a project started. A well designed and properly installed landscape can increase your property value by up to 17%. You, the client, are in essential part of the design team. Our goal is to help owners

take their  landscape design ideas and create a landscaped space that is not only beautiful but functional. Plant selection is essential to grow a successful, low-maintenance landscape that yields positive effects on our environment.

There are many factors that go into landscaping design. The experts at Ideal Landscape are here to assist in the process.  We get input from you on what types of plants, trees and decorations you prefer.  Also, how much maintenance you would consider, and the property itself.  The type of soil you have, along with the available shade, and shape of the terrain are all factors in the overall design.  We work with our clients to determine the initial budget and time frame.  Then, we consider what the on-going maintenance budget will be.  In the end, we want you to be extremely happy with the results.  Additionally,  enjoy the outdoor space you’ve enhanced with plants, trees, decorations, lighting, water effects and more!

Landscaping Designs for both Commercial and Residential Clients

The pictures below are examples of our work.  Feel free to scroll down the page, or click on any of the images to see a larger version.  Once enlarged, you’ll be able to scroll through the slide show with the left and right arrows on your screen.  Consider the variety of the plants we use, the type of lighting, and even the physical structures we can create.  From defining the border of your landscaping with brick pavers, to installing over-sized planter boxes to enliven an otherwise paved location, we can do it all.

Commercial landscaping designs – Residential Landscaping Services

The applications you see below include both residential and commercial installations, so whether you’re sprucing up your home, or enhancing the curb appeal of your office, we can help.  Give us a call today and we’ll set aside from time to get your requirements and prepare an estimate for you.

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