Top 3 Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

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Spring is the best time to get out and start working on your yard. There is no more excuse of it being too cold and it’s not yet too hot to be out. However, some might have limited or no time at all. While some landscape styles require a lot of care, there are some other stylish alternatives that require less work and give the same, if not better, looking results.  Consider these Texas landscaping ideas for your yard.

Texas Landscaping IdeasIn this article, we share a few ideas to help get keep your landscape looking good throughout the year. The idea is to clean up whatever mess that was left by the winter and prepare for the famous Texas summer heat.

1. Implement a Xeriscape design

In our previous article, we shared some Xeriscape ideas.  Xeriscape is a landscaping style that requires less to no irrigation. This style is favorite of most Texans because it not only reduces the amount of water used for plants, it also saves the time it takes to care for the plants. Most of the plants used while xeriscaping can naturally survive with minimal to no maintenance.

2. Use Mulch / Stones Instead of Grass When Possible

Everyone knows that mulch is good for fertilizing your plants and preventing weeds. Mulch can also be used to add both color and texture to your yard. Instead of grass you can add mulch around you outdoor living space. Depending on your taste, you can find a lot of cool colors to keep your yard vibrant. This will save you on the time it takes the mow or water the grass.

Depending on the aesthetic of your home, pea gravel or crushed stones can be a nice alternative to mulch. They can be personalized according to your outdoor living space style, house color, your neighborhood…since pea stones and crushed stones are available in different sizes and colors, it’s always a good idea to choose which size you want to use while keeping in mind the amount of wind you get in the area.

3. Use native plants 

The climate is one of the biggest factors that you should consider while styling your outdoors. Using plants that are already accustomed to your climate will save time and energy. They rarely need to be watered.

While picking which plants to use in your lawn, consider mixing them up according their blooming seasons. Some plants bloom in spring others in summer, mixing them up will add a sense of life to your yard and keep it looking good all year long.

If your lawn tends to morph into your flower bed, edging could spice up the looks and save you the time of cutting and pruning. Edging also allows you to create attractive walkways.  

Over the years, we’ve had success using nice-looking native plants. For some creative Texas landscaping ideas or plant-related questions give us a call at 817-457-7507.

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