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Yes we do!  This is typically something we prefer to do as part of a larger project, but it is an area we have expertise in.  This is a critical component of any landscaping design. We make sure that our clients know what level of watering is required in order to ensure the success of their new look.  Fort Worth and many other local communities limits our watering to two days per week. This can be more than adequate, especially considering the drought tolerant plants we normally recommend.

If you do need just an irrigation system installed, it’s something we can review.  We’ll evaluate our projects and see how it fits into our schedule.  If it’s a project that just isn’t right for us, we’ll be sure to inform you up front.  We’ll also make a recommendation to a company that we know and trust.  Irrigation experts are licensed within the State of Texas.  Therefore, make sure that whomever you deal with when it comes to irrigation systems has the right credentials.

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The short answer is: Yes.  However, that’s because we want to say a bit more about water features.  If you have a bird bath in your backyard, and it just holds water, then that would likely attract mosquitos because it’s stagnant water, it’s not moving.  All of the water features we install have some level of movement to them.  Whether it’s falling water in a waterfall, or pushing water up in a  fountain, we always make sure there’s some level of movement to avoid attracting mosquitos.

Mosquito larvae can only survive in stagnant water.  Additionally, mosquitos that have just hatched must lay on the surface of the water in order for their wings to dry, therefore mosquitos will avoid moving water when laying eggs.

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